Discover how Vital Motion can guide you through the process of NDIS plan reviews and reassessments to meet your new goals or support needs.
NDIS Plan Review

Review Your Plan

Understand your current NDIS plan and identify the areas where you need more support.

Collect Evidence

Gather evidence to support your case for additional funding. This could include reports from therapists, specialists, or other professionals detailing your changing needs.

Plan Review Request

Contact your NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) to request a plan review. Explain why you believe additional supports are necessary.

Prepare for Meeting

Be ready to discuss your needs, goals, and how the additional supports will help you achieve them during the plan review meeting.

Attend Plan Review Meeting

During the meeting, present your evidence and advocate for your needs. Be clear about how the additional support will help improve your quality of life.


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