NDIS Home Modification Assessments

 Our home modification assessment enhances safety, independence, and quality of life for participants. 

An NDIS home modification assessment is an evaluation conducted by occupational therapists to determine the need for changes or adaptations to a person’s living environment. Occupational therapists identify the specific alterations required, which can range from minor adjustments (like installing grab rails or ramps) to more significant renovations (such as bathroom modifications or doorway widening), to accommodate the needs of people living with a disability.

NDIS Home Modifications Sydney

Initial Assessment

One of our occupational therapists evaluates the participant's needs and how their disability affects daily living activities at home.

Home Evaluation

The assessor visits the participant's home to identify potential hazards and areas that require modification to improve safety and accessibility.


Based on the home visit and assessments, specific modifications are recommended to address the identified needs.

Report Preparation & Submission

A comprehensive report detailing the assessment findings and modification recommendations is prepared and submitted to the NDIS for approval.

Vital Motion is a registered NDIS provider based in Sydney, offering mobile and in-clinic NDIS occupational therapy services throughout Sydney. We make the journey to becoming an NDIS participant as seamless and empowering as possible.